Swimming Aids For Toddlers (What To Consider)


Learning to swim can be a very demanding task for adults, which is the more reason why it is ideal for it to be learnt at the earliest age possible. As an extra-curricular activity, swimming’s popularity has massively grown in recent years, and still continues to grow by the day. Thanks to the numerous swimming aids for toddlers on the market, getting your toddler to learn how to swim has never been this easy.

Children do enjoy swimming once they grasp it. It is therefore important as parents, to fully support and aid the little ones on their quest to becoming very confident in water. Swimming is not just a recreational activity, it is also a key life skill with numerous health benefits. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits.

Benefits Of Toddler Swimming….

  • Swimming is always a great full-body workout. This helps to develop toddlers’ overall strength and balance. On the average, kids who swim tend to have a much better balance out of the pool than their non-swimming counterparts.
  • Swimming as an exercise helps kids to develop strong bones and muscles. It also improves kids’ coordination and flexibility.
  • Toddler swimming enables the kids to gain confidence in water at a very early age. Learning how to swim at such an early age enables toddlers to learn the safety aspects associated with being in or around water. The self-confidence and its associated sense of accomplishment is exactly what your child needs at such an early age.
  • Swimming lessons give children the chance to develop their social skills. This is due to the relationships that are formed by being members of a swim class or pool. They also learn to accept and adapt to each other’s differences in physique and ability.
  • Swimming has the potential to improve kids’ sleep pattern. Swimming as an exercise can make a toddler very tired after a swim session. This tiredness can make the kid much sleepier, resulting in a deep long night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep has numerous health benefits.


What To Consider When Buying Swimming Aids For Toddlers..

  • Age – Ensure the swim aid you are getting your child has a recommended age attached. This is very vital as swimming aids are designed with the swimming abilities of the age groups in mind.
  • Size – Size and age go hand-in-hand. The swim aids are designed with the child’s weight into consideration. Different weight groups have different levels of buoyancy.
  • Fit and comfortability – Ensure your chosen aid is comfortable to move around and doesn’t restrict limb movement. The swim aid should snugly fit the toddler with no loose fastenings.
  • Catch-Strap – Life jackets for toddlers must have a catch-strap and a good collar to keep the head above water.
  • Know the newton range of your life jacket – The newton range are as follows:
  1. 50N – Worn by good swimmers in sheltered waters with help at hand.
  2. 100N – Basic life jacket. Keeps a person afloat in sheltered waters.
  3. 150N – For use in offshore in rough weather.
  4. 275N – For use in extreme weather conditions and you’ll be wearing extreme weather gear.
  • Know the difference between buoyancy aids and life jackets – Life jackets are designed to keep you afloat without the need to swim whereas buoyancy aids are designed to help you swim.
  • Look out for quality – Have a visual check of the quality of the swimming aid you intend on using. If using a life jacket, check the quality and security of straps and buckles.
  • Don’t forget to refer to customer reviews – Customer reviews are sometimes overlooked by many of us. Reviews of the swimming aid you intend on using can often be the best buyer’s guide you can get.
  • Know when to use a buoyancy aid and not a life jacket – Life jackets are more buoyant. This high buoyancy could make taking part in certain activities very difficult. Swimming in life jackets can be difficult.
  • Is the swimming aid Coast Guard approved? – As a parent, you do get the extra bit of confidence in the quality and effectiveness of your toddler’s swimming aid if it is Coast Guard approved. Not all the swimming aids out there are Coast Guard approved.

Some Swimming Aids For Toddlers…

  • SEVYLOR ARM BANDS PUDDLE JUMPER This swimming aid for toddlers allows your child to have fun and move Toddlers-swimming-aidfreely in water. Its soft arm band construction and soft woven polyester provides a lot of comfort to your toddler.

With this swimming aid, parents will not have to worry about the child’s safety as the swim arm band is secured with a safety buckle at the child’s back. Placing the safety buckle at the child’s back was intentionally designed in order to prevent the child from opening it alone.

Its adjustable strap fits sizes between 15-30kg (2-5 years).

Where To Buy: Amazon.com


  • KONFIDENCE CHILDREN’S SWIM JACKET – The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket is one of the top-selling Toddlers-swimming-aidsneoprene swimming buoyancy aid for children aged 1-7 years across UK and Europe. This product features an eight removable float system and comes with a buit-in buoyancy to help infants and children stay afloat in water. This swimming aid allows buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs as they grow and develop water confidence.

This product also provides sun and thermal protection for your child on covered areas of the body.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com





  • KONFIDENCE KID’S STYLE FLOATSUIT T-SHIRT – This Konfidence float suit comes with an in-built 8 float Toddler-swimming-aidsbuoyancy system and provides adjustable buoyancy for any child learning to swim. This allows the buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and abilities. This, in the long run, helps the child to develop his/her swimming technique.

The Konfidence kid’s float suit provides 50+ UPF sun protection for the covered parts of the wearer’s body.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com





  • SPLASH ABOUT KIDS FLOAT SUIT WITH ADJUSTABLE BUOYANCY – This splash about kids float suit featurestoddlers-swimming-aids a 16-pieace removable float system that allows buoyancy to be reduced as the child gains confidence in water. This allows wearers to develop swimming techniques at their own pace.

This product provides 50+ UPF sun protection and is available in a variety of designs in sizes 1 to 6 years.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com






  • BABY INFLATABLE FLOAT RING WITH SAFE CROTCH STRAP – This baby inflatable float ring was designed withtoddlers-swimming-aids your baby’s comfort in mind. This product has a double-layered air chamber design, equipped with comfortable chest support. It is made of high quality eco-friendly PVC material. This baby float has crotch strap, to hold your baby, preventing him/her from slipping down. It also equipped with soft cushion support to protect the baby’s abdomen and protects their face away from water.

Where To Buy: Amazon.com






  • MALMSTEN TODDLERS FOAM FLOAT DISCS – This product builds confidence for children learning to swim, toddlers-swimming-aidshelping them feel comfortable in water. This product is made up of EVA-foam, which is hygienic, easy to clean, dirt and algae resistant. The Malmsten toddlers foam float discs are also puncture-free and easy for children to put on themselves without pinching their skin.

This product is for ages 3-7 years (18 – 30 kg).

Where To Buy: Amazon.com





These products should not be used in or near water without adult supervision. The child should be within arms reach at all times.

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  1. These are helpful safety devises aiding children who are learning to swim .It is always better to start kids when they are young to learn a sport as well it is good the for the social skills to be refined and perfected.

    • Very well said, Eric, enrolling your child unto a swimming class at an early age is the way to go. They learn to be confident within and around water at a very early age. Thanks a lot for the comment.

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