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Product: Mirafit Heavy Duty 260kg FID Weight Bench Review


Brand: Mirafit

Recommended Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Material Type: Steel

Shipping Weight: 22.2 kg

Maximum Load: 260kg (Includes user’s weight)

My Personal Rating: 7 out of 10

Mirafit Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench Review

An adjustable weight bench is a MUST when deciding on what to purchase for your home CrossFit gym. In fact, it is an absolute essential for every gym. The versatility of an adjustable weight bench makes it an ideal progressive resistance equipment. An adjustable weight bench not only gives you the ability to perform the flat bench press (undoubtedly the king of upper body workouts), but also allows you to perform a full body workout.

The Mirafit Heavy Duty Adjustable Weight Bench is one of the highly recommended adjustable weight benches out there. Its heavy-duty build gives you that extra peace of mind to go heavy on bench presses and dumbbell exercises.

Comfort Is Key

You’ve had a long working week, the last thing you need is a very uncomfortable piece of exercise equipment in your home gym. The extra thick comfortable black padded cushions gives you the much needed comfortability whiles you workout. Also talking about comfort, the built-in handle and castor wheels makes movements easier during workouts.


  • This equipment is fully adjustable for incline, decline and flat exercise positions. It has 4 seat angles and 6 backrest angles. No need to worry about adjustability when it comes to this weight bench!
  • The extra thick padded cushions gives extra comfort during workouts.
  • The ease of switching bench angles with minimum fuss is an added advantage.
  • In my opinion, this product is great for its price. Money spent will be worth it.
  • The heavy-duty steel frame makes the bench very sturdy with little to no noise during workouts. The steel frame locks into place for a solid base.
  • This equipment comes with a built-in handle and castor wheels for easy transportation.
  • The black and orange colour theme makes it aesthetically very pleasing.


  • You’ll need a bit of patience when assembling this product. The instructions might be very difficult to understand for most users, especially those of us who are not used to fitting furniture and equipments.
  • You’ll require your own tools to assemble this product. Tools you’ll require include, 19mm, 17mm, 14mm and adjustable spanners.
  • There is the tendency for you to slightly slide downwards during decline exercises.

Declined weight bench

The Ball Is In Your Court…

There is no need to waste time contemplating. Having an adjustable weight bench in your home CrossFit gym is a MUST. This Mirafit Heavy-Duty Adjustable Weight Bench comes highly recommended.

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  1. Great review of CrossFit weight bench Daniel. I came across your article on time, because I was looking for a decent weight bench to workout at home when I don’t have enough time to go to the gym. Your review is very detailed and informative. I really like that you have listed the PROS and the CONS for us. And to be honest I don’t think that CONS are really a CONS. If the bench is good quality for that price I don’t mind to use my own spanners and assemble it myself. Thank you for sharing this review.

    • Hello Marius, I really appreciate your comment. I am happy you came across my review and I hope it gave you the information you needed. Please share the review with others. I hope to see you here again soon. Take care!!

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