Here Are 12 Good Exercises To Lose Weight

Weight loss

Weight loss is increasingly becoming a hot topic, not only to those considered obese, but also to those who just want to ensure they maintain a healthy body weight. Reading this article might probably mean you are on the market for ways of losing weight and keeping the weight off. There are a number of good exercises to lose weight out there, but the process of losing weight does not entirely depend on exercises alone. Basically, to lose weight, we simply have to burn more calories than we eat and drink.

We all wish there was a magical way of achieving fat loss without its accompanying hard work. Taking good care of your body and maintaining a healthy weight is not an easy thing to do and definitely not an overnight process……it takes self discipline, determination, commitment and hard work. You really have to be committed to the process as weight loss is more of a mental challenge than physical. There is always the need to inwardly tell yourself you can achieve that goal of getting down to your desired bodyweight. The person who says “I can”, and the one who says “I can’t”, are both right!

As stated earlier, exercising alone isn’t going to give you the weight loss result you’ve been craving for. You really have to create a calorie deficit (meaning, burning more calories than you consume daily). Creating a calorie deficit is not solely reliant on working out. Other factors play important roles in the weight loss process.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these factors……


If your goal is to see longer lasting changes in your body weight and composition, then you really need to watch what you eat and drink. Without a healthy eating habit, your exercise routine will be of no use, period. Consuming more calories than your body uses results in your body storing those calories as fat. To eat fewer calories than your body uses in a day, you need to make a conscious effort of abstaining from foods high in calories. Foods that are high in fat and sugar are high in calories and as such, should be avoided completely. Ways to improve your diet include, eating a variety of whole foods (whole grains, dairy and lean meats), avoiding processed foods, not skipping meals (this will very likely make you hungrier later, resulting in overeating and bad food choices), drinking plenty of fluids ( avoid soda and other drinks with high calories. Water is your safest bet!)

Healthy diet

Lifestyle Changes

Your lifestyle can either boost your weight loss process or cripple it. Adopting a healthy lifestyle works hand-in-hand with a healthy diet and regular workouts. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding processed foods and getting enough sleep has very positive impacts on your overall health. More quality sleep means less stress and less stress means less weight gain.

Working Out Should Be A Routine

Adopting a routine of regularly and meaningfully working out on a weekly basis should be your desired goal. If you are indeed serious about losing weight, just doing one 20-minute session a week would definitely not cut it. Aim for 3 workout sessions a week if you are a beginner. You can then increase your sessions to say 4 or 5 times a week, once you are fully into the routine.

Start With Workouts You Enjoy

In order to stick to the routine of regularly working out, it is advisable you start with an exercise you genuinely enjoy doing. Intensively working out is not always pleasant, so to adopt that as a routine lifestyle, you might as well choose an exercise you enjoy (or not hate, so to speak).

Focus On Intensity And Not How Many Calories You Are Burning

On every session, you really need to give it a 110% the entire time and push yourself. You must bring your A-game to each and every workout session. Only concentrating on measuring the amount of calories you are burning isn’t the best approach. Many factors affect the weight loss process either positively or negatively. Exercise wise, you just have to ensure you are training at the right intensity.

Health Conditions And Medications

Some health conditions make it harder to lose weight. Some of these health conditions include sleep disorders (eg. upper airway respiratory syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea), hormonal disorders (eg. diabetes, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome), cardiovascular diseases (eg. heart valve disorder, congestive heart disease), just to mention a few. Some medications also have the ability to negatively interfere with the weight loss process. Examples of these medications include, lithium for maniac depression, insulin for diabetes, alpha or beta blockers for high blood pressure, progestins for birth control, valproate for epilepsy, just to mention a few. Please consult your doctor if you have any of these health conditions or on any of these medications and serious about managing and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Now that we’ve taken the above points into account, let’s now get down to the real business of the day. For your reading pleasure, below are some good exercises to lose weight!!…


Weight-loss-exerciseIf you have no health concerns with your back and joints, regularly stepping out for a run is one of the best routines you can adopt on the journey to losing weight and maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Out-door running (uses more muscles to propel the body forward, as compared to in-door running) is preferable, but even if your choice is the treadmill, you just need to ensure it is at a good level of intensity and not just a light jog. Running on an incline is highly recommended as it works out your legs, glutes and engages your abdominals more than running on a flat surface.

2.High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the top recommendations when it comes to exercising for weight loss. HIIT involves short intervals of exercise at almost 100% effort followed by longer recovery periods. You work as hard you can for a set period of time, get a rest/recovery time and then go hard again. It is basically any form of exercise that shoots up your heart rate and brings it down repeatedly. Here, intensity is the key to getting maximum benefit from your workout session. Working as hard as you can during the working-out phase of the HIIT results in an increase in the fat-burning potential of your body.

3.Weight/Strength Training

Weight-loss-exerciseThe school of thought that says weight training only bulks you up is indeed a misconception. Weight training is an effective way to build muscle and burn fat. Weight training has been shown to increase the body’s resting metabolic rate. This means your body still continues to burn calories even when you are not working out. Weight/strength training does indeed increase the body’s metabolism. Henceforth, do not ignore the significance of weight training when talking about good exercises to lose weight. A great exercise to include in your workout routine is deadlifts. It shreds and works out the whole body.


Weight loss exerciseBoxing is without doubt one of the most effective forms of exercise for getting rid of body fat as it combines interval training whiles also engaging the core and other muscle groups that are usually ignored in other forms of exercise. Boxing is more or less another form of interval training and it is a great way to get your heart rate up.

5.Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups are effective ways of activating the muscles and getting the heart pumping. Even when you are resting, your body’s muscle mass keeps increasing whiles getting rid of the stubborn body fat. Pull-ups use all muscle groups in the body, especially the arms, back and core. Another great bodyweight exercise is the push-up. Push-ups place more emphasis on the legs and core. Squats are also one of the best bodyweight exercises to get rid of fat around the glutes and thighs. Why do you think squats are popular with professional athletes and bodybuilders?….. It is simply because their effectiveness in toning the lower body has been proven time and again. Using your own bodyweight as resistance during a workout results in more fat burn!


Effective-SwimmingDespite swimming being a low-impact exercise, it is a highly effective form of exercise for weight loss and toning. It engages the major muscle groups such as the back muscles, legs, arms, glutes and abdominals. As you push your body against the water in order to move, you lose weight, tone the body and stay healthier.


CrossFit sessions are not too long but very intense. The sessions and intensity are varied from one day to another. CrossFit is basically a strength and conditioning workout regime that combines high intensity interval training with strength training, bodyweight training and cardiovascular endurance training, just to mention a few. This form of exercise guarantees a full body workout at a high level of intensity within a set time limit. CrossFit’s level of intensity makes it an effective means of getting rid of the extra pounds we carry.

8.Jump Rope

Jump ropeJump rope is not just a P.E activity like we’ve always known back in our childhood days. It is an effective body-toner and a great exercise for weight loss. What makes this form of exercise ideal is that, jump ropes are not that expensive and can be easily carried on us and used anywhere and at any time!


The days of us using the lack of time as excuses for not working out are long gone, thanks to Tabata. Tabata is designed to be a 4-minute HIIT that consists of 20 seconds 100% effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. This sequence is repeated 8 times. This form of exercise shoots up your heart rate and metabolism. The 20 seconds workout time seems short, but we bet you’ll appreciate the 10 seconds rest period. To lose weight, it is imperative that you keep increasing the duration of the workout session as your body adapts to the shorter workout duration. The weight loss process slows down once the body adapts to a specific workout duration.

10.Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings engage the entire body. This makes this form of exercise an effective way to lose weight. It is a high intensity form of exercise and works out the entire body despite being low-impact. Undertake this exercise regularly and observe the changes your body goes through.

Weight loss exercise



11.Mountain Climbers

This exercise is a great way to get your heart rate going. It is an excellent way to get rid of calories as it works out your chest, arms, abdominals, back, hips and legs. Lets just simply say it works out your whole body, from head to toe. The quick leg motion is ideal for your butt, hamstrings and obliques.


Yes, yoga does not get rid of the calories if undertaken alone. But it does indeed play a vital role in the other more rigorous and intense workouts by ensuring the body is flexible, relaxed and healthy. Yoga combined with the above mentioned exercises is what you need in ensuring your weight loss journey goes on as smoothly as possible. More yoga means less stress……. less stress means less weight gain!!

Yoga stretch

Before we go, these are some more points to consider…….

Please Don’t Cut Corners…..

Please don’t cut corners by relying on diet pills and fad diets. Claims by some people on how diet pills help to lose weight might be true but they sure don’t keep the weight off. These pills also come with side effects that can be very dangerous to your overall health. Please consult your doctor before giving any pill a go. Fad diets are also not proven to achieve what is being claimed by those in favour of it. There are lots of good exercises to lose weight. These exercises combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet will gradually get you the result you are after. There is nothing like a “quick fix” when it comes to losing.

Remember, It’s Not All About Cardio…..

These mentioned good exercises for weight loss work if only we approach them with the right attitude. We shouldn’t always rely on just cardio either. Lean muscles increase the body’d metabolism. Lean muscles can be increased through regular strength training. An increased metabolism means an increase in the difference between calories burnt vs calories consumed.


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  1. Thank you for this list of exercises. I’m always trying to find new ways to stay fit and healthy. I haven’t tried boxing, and would love to give it a shot. I think it will also help with some stress relief! Swimming is another exercise I will try. I enjoy swimming, but will try to swim more regularly to stay in shape. Thanks for this info!

    • Thanks for the comment Katy. Boxing is indeed a great way to stay in shape. Please give it a try and you’ll not regret it. Your body will thank you later. I am glad you found my article useful. Take care.

  2. Wow!

    Something that really grabbed my attention here. Do you have more information about Tabata?

    Some workout routine, exercises? that does appeal to me and I can see how effective it can be, not so difficult to do 2x daily given the short time required.

  3. Nice article. Packed with information. How about walking rather than running? Is that a good way to exerise.

    • Hi Donna, walking is still a good way to exercise, if you don’t fancy running. It is all about starting somewhere comfortable and gradually increase your pace as you get fitter. The key thing here is to make it a routine and go out for brisk walks for at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. With time, you’ll be able to increase the duration and number of times you exercise a week. Don’t forget to take rest days, they are equally important.

  4. Thanks for all the great information here. I personally have added yoga to my daily routine to help with stress and back pain. I notice a big difference between when I am regularly doing it every day and when I start skipping days. It truly is a great addition to any workout routine.

    • Hi Kelsey, you couldn’t have said it any better. Making yoga a routine activity is something you won’t regret. Your body will massively benefit from it. Thanks a lot for your comment. I am sure others out there will find your input very helpful. Take good care of your back and see you here again soon.

  5. This is a great list of exercises. It is great that you explain all about nutrition as it is very important, but as you say counting calories may not be the way to go.

    I know when I trained people, it was all about getting lean without compromising health.

    • You are right Jagi. Burning excess calories is not just about constantly reading the weight scale and counting down the number. This article threw more light on that. I hope others out there will get such info and adopt the right and efficient way of working out to lose some weight. Thank you for the comment and I hope you’ll share this article with others.

  6. These are the unusual list! You gave different options to exercise. Other than Tabata is there any other high-intensity interval training is there?

    • Thanks for the comment and question, Kavitha. Another high intensity interval training you could consider is a sprint session. This is where you sprint for say a minute and rest for a minute. Do at least 10 reps regularly and your body will thank you later.

      High intensity trainings can be done with various exercises. The key here is to work as hard as you can during the workout phase and rest for a specified time.

  7. This post contains valuable information on how to lose weight, good diet, exercise and swimming are the keys to keep the body fit and help to lose weight.

    Thank you for this awesome post, now I will take these tips into consideration to help me stay fit and lose some weight.

    • I am very glad my post was of great help. My goal is to share such valuable info. Please share the post with friends and family, there are a lot of people out there who could benefit from these exercises.

      Your comment is really appreciated!

  8. Great work on your article, your list of exercises is soo well thought.
    I’m sure thousands of people will find it helpful in their efforts to reach a healthier figure.
    Personally, I’m doing boxing and swimming.
    Climbing a mountain is next on my list.
    As soon as I find the time of course.
    A question:
    Which ones of these exercises do you think a person should combine for faster results if that person doesn’t have a lot of free time?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Boxing and swimming are really great choices. Please keep it up!

      With regards to answering your question, any of the mentioned exercises can effectively be combined to achieve your desired results, as long as you work hard and stay consistent. A high intensity interval training session is ideal if time is hard to come by. It results in an increase in the fat burning potential of your body.

      Your comment is very well appreciated, Boby. Take care!

  9. Hi there Daniel,

    Thank you for the article. My husband has struggled with his weight for years, but after a lot of experimenting he was finally able to shed most of the excess weight and achieve greater control over his weight. I showed him your article and he says that he actually utilized a few of the strategies that you mention above.

    Something he usually speaks about is the mental shift he had to make to get to where he wanted to be but also the emotional battles that he had to face. An example of this is with food. Initially he thought of restricting his calories but after thinking a bit more in depth he realised that instead of limiting how much food he ate he thought of just being conscious of the quantities he ate and also trying new (healthier) recipes which are based on whole (mostly plant-based) foods.
    By changing his paradigm he was really able to see some incredible results. Once again thanks for writing this article, I thinks it’s very helpful.

    • I really appreciate your input, Zasibel, and I am very glad your husband managed to get his weight under control. Your husband is right, succeeding in achieving your desired weight, goes beyond the physical. When it comes to weight loss, we need to be mentally tough in order to break both the physical and mental barriers that hitherto stood in our way.

      Our choice of diet plays a massive role in weight loss. It is not about avoiding food, it is about making healthy choices and reducing our intake of calories.

      I hope your husband will also share this article with his colleagues. It will help someone out there. Take care and bye for now.

  10. Thanks for the great list of exercises. I am more curious about Tabata. Sounds like it would be perfect for me as I often don’t have enough time to workout.

    • Tabata is never a bad choice Sue. What matters most is the hard work and consistency. I am glad I was able to help.
      Thanks a lot for the comment.

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