CrossFit Power Rack Review

Product:  Brand: Ryno

Recommended Place To Buy: Amazon.com

Guarantee: 10 Year Warranty

Material Type: Steel

Colour: Black

My Personal Rating: 9 out of 10



Ryno – Power Rack Squat Cage Multi Gym Review

This custom-made power rack is ideal not just for CrossFit but also, for all other workout regimes. Power racks provide a safe free-weight workout environment by eliminating dangers associated with falling weights. They also provide lifters with the ability to safely handle heavier weights than they normally will.

The Power Rack Squat Cage Multi Gym by Ryno is fully packed with a lot of features and supports a wide range of users. The frame is constructed with a 14 gauge solid thick steel, allowing you to safely bench press or squat a barbell of up to 225kg and has massive 225kg maximum load. This power rack frame features a chrome barbell drops, it is finished with heat treated power coated paint and squat safety bars.

It’s Definitely Worth The Price And Hustle

If fitness is one of your priorities, then you’ll definitely need to avoid being put off by the price you come across. The benefits of this equipment are numerous. It does not only come with FREE delivery, it also come with FREE dip handles and tricep rope.

A Cage Multi Gym…..

In additon to the FREE dip handles and tricep rope mentioned above, the Ryno Power Rack Squat cage Multi Gym treats you to a lot more accessories. Let’s name these accessories:

  • 2 Bar Attachments
  • 4 Safety Barbell Drops
  • 2 Adapter sleeves for 2″ olympic plates

I Am With The Rest……

Having personally worked out on such a power rack and gaining first-hand experience on what it has to offer, I was not at all surprised by the general opinion and reviews by other users. You’d be surprised by the price after you give this power rack a try. The quality of the product, coupled with its size and features definitely outweighs the drop in your bank balance.

Looking to build a home CrossFit gym?……

Look no further, the power rack you need for your home gym is right here. The size of the frame fits well with a standard gym as well as a home or garage gym.


Safety Is Key….

As stated earlier, power racks eliminate the dangers associated with falling plates provides a safe environment for the user to safely handle heavier weights than he/she normally will. The heavy-duty frame of the Ryno Power Rack Squat Cage Multi Gym has a massive tube size offering a safe stable work out.

The facelift your gym needs is right HERE!





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