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Hi everyone and welcome to my Max Healthy Living website. I have for a very long time been someone who has strong passion for fitness. Over the years, I have developed keen interest in various exercises, techniques, habits and accessories that promote and aide a healthy lifestyle. Lets just say the gym has been my best friend.

Growing up, I developed the habit of undertaking push-ups on a daily basis to the extent where I became more or less addicted to exercising. I started spending a lot of time searching for proper exercise routines as well as accessories that come with it.

Now and then, I learn new fitness techniques that benefit the body if carried out on a regular basis. I am always curious to learn more when it comes to the subject of health and fitness.

I am here to share what my curiosity discovers……..


Well, as they say, ‘sharing is caring’. There are millions of health tips, techniques and accessories out there….my goal is to find and share them. If my posts end up helping someone out there, my goal and target for writing and sharing would have been achieved.

I know there are millions of people out there just like me, always searching for ways and means of staying healthy and fit. Well, as I keep discovering, there are millions of health tips out there.

As I discover this health and fitness tips recommended by the health professionals and fitness pros, I’ll be sharing…. its as simple as that.


There is no disputing the fact that a healthy body, is a strong body. Our very existence and comfort in life, depends on how well we take care of the body. Staying healthy leads to countless benefits we might never have imagined. One sure fact is that, the number of times we see the doctor and its associated costs will drop.

The benefits of staying healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle outweighs the sweat and hard work involved. In simple terms, when we look after our bodies, our bodies will look after us.

This requires, effort, time, hard work and dedication from us. Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit. Never say never.


If you ever need a hand or have any question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Max Healthy Living

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  1. You are doing amazingly fantastic bro.
    Keep the wings flying, the SKy is the limit.

  2. I’ve added this to my training regime , it’s already having great effect. My workmate is showing interest and will come to have a chat when he’s back from Spain.

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