A Home CrossFit Gym -Essential Equipments You Need

CrossFit Gym

For those of us with busy daily schedules, regularly making time for the gym can be very daunting. Making time for a CrossFit workout, in particular, requires a lot of self-discipline, dedication and determination. This workout regime has a vast range of activities and demands a lot out of you. If the thought of losing time travelling to and from the gym after a long day’s work stresses you, then it’s about time you consider building a home CrossFit gym.

Having a home CrossFit gym makes your schedule a tad bit convenient as it eliminates the need to worry about queues, driving (travelling), crowds and of course, monthly gym membership fees!

A home CrossFit gym gives you the ability to customize the gym environment to your specific needs. Building a home gym can be fun but you need to know which versatile and durable equipments to purchase.

Before shopping for equipments, you need to consider the space you have available and the layout of the gym you are building. Layout is very important since a room with restricted space can usually be converted into a home gym if equipment layout is done properly. You must ensure there is ample space in the middle of the room for floor exercises.

Let’s now take a look at the essential equipments you need…..

Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up is the finest upper-body bodyweight exercise out there. As such, a good pull-up bar is a must-have and one of the best home gym equipments you can lay your hands on. Pull-ups strengthen your core and build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.

CrossFit Pull-Up Bar

Power Rack

If you can afford a power rack, then definitely go for it! With power racks, you can choose to go heavy on the bench press as well as back squats. All lifts can be safely performed in your home gym when you have a power rack.

CrossFit Power Rack

Bumper Plates

Bumper Plates are a definite must-have for a CrossFit gym. In order to protect your floor, go for bumper plates rather than classic iron plates. The larger size of bumper plates and rubber coating protect your floors when they are dropped. Bumper plates allow you to learn olympic lifts and build strength without fear of ruining your floor.

Bumper Plates

Olympic Barbell

This equipment is an obvious component of any gym. An olympic barbell is an absolute essential to any CrossFit gym. It can be used to train any muscle or CrossFit movement.

CrossFit Barbell


Dumbbells are as essential as a barbell to your home CrossFit gym. There are 2 variations of dumbbells, ‘loadable dumbbells’ and fixed dumbbell sets. ‘Loadable dumbbells’ gives you added customization, meaning, you can load them with plates like a barbell. Dumbbells provides a bit more versatility to your workout.


Climbing/Battling Ropes

Besides rope climbing being a necessary move for CrossFit, the climbing ropes can be used as battling ropes. Using battling ropes is a very effective cardio workout.



The kettlebell is a vital equipment for developing strength, muscle and power. If you are looking at saving space, then the kettlebell can be used as an alternative to the dumbbell.


Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is a very versatile piece of equipment in any gym. Besides the versatility, they can be thrown….sounds fun, doesn’t it? Medicine Balls can be used to develop both lower and upper body strength and power.


Gymnastic Rings

A pair of gymnastic rings is an inexpensive piece of CrossFit equipment…..you’ll be doing yourself a massive disfavour if it is not part of your gym equipments. Gymnastic rings are perfect for ring dips, ring push-ups, ring rows, pull ups, front levers and back levers, just to mention a few. Incorporating gymnastic rings into your workouts is an ideal way to find balance between focus, strength and power.


A Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great but low cost addition to your gym. It is a powerful addition to your gym as it offers an effective cardio workout. It also offers an effective means of warming up.


Plyometric Box

Need to build lower body power?……Get yourself a plyometric box! The inclusion of box jumps into lower body workout routines is increasing by the day. You can even DIY a plyo box if your budget is tight. Plyo boxes come in different varieties, namely, wood, metal, foam, angled, adjustable, etc.




An Adjustable Utility/Weight Bench

It is a great tip to get yourself a utility/weight bench if you own a power rack. The bench is an important piece of equipment for most upper body and some lower body workouts. An adjustable bench that can incline or decline is preferable as it offers more versatility. Ab workouts, dumbbell rows, pull overs and seated shoulder press can also be performed with the help of the bench.



Rubber Floor Mats

Some might not see this as essential, but to protect your floor from markings and cushion it from impact, it is recommended you get rubber floor mats. Yes, you use bumber plates instead of classic iron plates, your floor still risks getting damaged.


Gym Mirror

Just like rubber floor mats, most might write this equipment off as essential equipment. During a workout session, however, mirrors are the only means to check if your technique and posture is right. This goes a long way to prevent injuries. A mirror is an important addition to your home CrossFit gym.


Let’s Get To Work….

There you have it!…The equipments you need to build your home CrossFit gym is easier to acquire than you think. The benefits of CrossFit are countless……all we need to do is start now, there is no time to waste! Don’t forget to have an interval timer as well as a speaker for your music. A speaker is a key item for those who like music with their workouts. The music makes the workout session feel quicker.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below!

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  1. Really loved this post. I have been looking to expand my home gym and really need to get some good bumper plates. I think they make such a huge difference. Thank you for such an informative post!

    • I am glad my post offered some help, Savannah. Now is the time to expand that gym of yours, I am very confident you won’t regret it. Thanks for visiting my web page. I hope to see you here again sooner than later.

  2. I have been out of the gym for nearly a decade and as much as I would like to get back into it, the nearest gym to my home is nearly a 30-mile round trip drive. I’ve been hearing more and more positives to CrossFit and having a home gym would certainly eliminate my driving excuse. Thank you for your detailed list of equipment as I have totally forgotten about many of them.

    • Thanks, Zach, for the comment. I don’t think you’ll regeret building your own home CrossFit gym. It will definitely save you not just the cost of doing the 30 mile round trip. It will also save you from the hustle and stress involved in trying to make it to the gym on those inconvenient days. I am really glad you found my post useful.

  3. Great post for all who does not have a lot of time.
    It’s not always easy to schedule everything, the job, family, working out, hobbies etc.. I am still struggling with my free time but somehow I always find some time to train. You covered all the most important things and it’s very useful. I’ll have to get some of them so I don’t need go to gym always.

    • It is indeed not always easy to create time for for a workout within our busy work schedules. Having a gym at home takes out a lot of the stress involved in trying to make it to the gym even on days you are not in the mood to. Thanks a lot for the comment, Petar. I am glad you found my post helpful. My goal is to share such helpful info. Please share with friends and family. Hope to see you here again soon.

  4. This is a really thorough and helpful post. I don’t currently have a home gym, but I do taekwondo classes once or twice a week. I could really benefit from quite a few of these items you’ve listed. Even though I want to focus on building my lower body strength, I also need to work on my core and upper body. I’ve got a couple of dumbbells and jump rope but that’s it, so I’m thinking the next thing I can add is maybe the kettlebell. What would be an example of how to use a medicine ball? Thanks for sharing a helpful post.

    • Hi Kat, thanks for taking time to read my article. You absolutely don’t need to have all the equipments listed at once, you can just get them one at a time. You can create a good workout circuit with just some few equipments. Medicine balls can be used in different ways: you can hold the ball on your chest with both arms and perform squats, you can use it for wall bounces (where you throw the medicine ball high up against a wall, allow it to drop back into your hands, squat down, stand straight up and repeat the sequence), and also for abdominal twists (you hold the medicine ball with both hands and twist from side to side whiles seated on the floor. Your knees should be bent, feet together and slightly off the floor whiles performing this exercise). Hope to see you here again soon.

  5. The biggest obstacle for me with a home gym, aside from the cost of buying all the equipment is space. I do have a garage, but my wife’s car is parked there. I don’t have a room in my house that is big enough. I have definitely thought about building a home gym, but space is my main hurdle. I am not a fan of going to the gym, too many people and I often have to fit for equipment there. It’s a struggle, but unfortunately for me a gym membership is what works for me.
    I appreciate your article though, I would love to have a home gym of my own.

    • Thanks for the comment, Steve. There is nothing wrong with preferring gym membership if that is what works for you. You can always give a home gym a go whenever you have the space and are ready. The most important thing is that, you are staying fit!!

  6. Man, CrossFit sounds so intensive!
    There is so many weights aspect in the activity, I always thought of doing it sometime this year or next. I am just a bit worried to do this before consulting my doctor.
    Sadly, I have mild scoliosis so it sort of limits my choices of workout regimes and breathing techniques.
    What do you think?

    • I understand your concerns, Rizza. It is always advisable and safe to first consult a qualified health professional if you have an on-going health issue. The health professional is the best person to instruct you on what you can and can’t do. If given the thumbs-up, make sure you stay within your limits to start with and progress gradually. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Hi Daniel,
    I think you definitely covered all the basics here. I was pretty into Cossfit back into the day and made a makeshift garage gym however, I wasn’t able to get everything on this list into it. Even with the little equipment I had however, I was able to save a ton of time and money on a gym membership. It was pretty cool. This is a great post for those who are looking to do the same. I wish I had it when I made my garage gym!! Great post.

    • Thank you Dan, for the comment. I really appreciate it. I am glad you enjoyed the article and found it informative. My hope is that, others out there will also find it equally, if not more, helpful. You do not need all the equipments at once, you can start off with a few of them and get the rest as time goes on. Please share the info with friends and loved ones. Once again, thank you!

  8. Great article on starting your own personal workout gym and everything you’ll need as equipment in the gym. If I were a younger man I would seriously consider building a gym in my home, but I primarily stay in shape by backpacking and hiking out in nature now. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hiking is not a bad activity either, Terry. What matters most is that you are staying active and fit. You don’t always need a gym to stay active. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my blogpost. See you here again soon!

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