9 Considerations For An Ideal Home Gym Layout


Having a home gym makes our schedule a little convenient as it eliminates the need to worry about queues, driving to our local gyms, crowded commercial gyms, and of course, soaring monthly gym membership fees. A home gym gives you the luxury of customising the gym environment to your specific needs.

The concept of building a home gym can be fun, but practically, it is not as straightforward as most people may think. Coming up with an ideal home gym layout can be a real challenge. Having the best home gym layout increases the chance of achieving maximum workout results. There are myriads home gym layout ideas out there. It is therefore important that you take your time to plan your layout before making any considerable investment in your home gym.

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of having a home gym right in the comfort of your home keeps soaring by the day. However, many people are hesitant to invest and are intimidated due to the many available choices. There is also the additional worry of what is required in building a home gym and how much it will cost. The good news is that the cost can be as low as possible depending on the type of gym equipments or machines you intend on getting. A home gym gives you a comfortable atmosphere to exercise in.

Let’s be honest, the idea of exercising right in the comfort of your home can be a very appealing prospect. However, the home gym concept is not for everyone. The truth of the matter is that, some people are suited to training alone while others aren’t. Some people get more motivation from working out in a group environment of commercial gyms. Others will also prefer exercising in the commercial gyms in order to avoid family disruptions (especially from kids) that may occur when exercising at home.

Just like me, if you are still interested in building a gym in the comfort of your home, after considering its few negative sides, then it is time to start building. A proper home gym layout requires proper planning prior to starting. Safety should be a major factor when coming up with an appropriate layout for the available space in your home.

An ideal home gym layout should take the following points into consideration:

Your Budget….

Your available funds plays a major role when deciding on the ideal home gym layout and the type and quality of equipments you purchase. A home gym represents some significant investment, since it is arguably perceived a luxury. Building a home gym does not, by default, have to be particularly expensive.

When it comes to costing a home gym, you simply get what you pay for. Creating an ideal home gym on a very limited budget is very doable depending on your fitness goals. Cutting down the budget on cardiovascular equipments is quite a deceptive way of “saving”, however, a lot of people waste money on unnecessary cardio equipments and overpriced specialist gym equipments that don’t particularly provide any “special” benefit to you.

Creating a home gym should not in any way push you beyond your budget. There are a lot of places to buy useful gym equipments at affordable prices. Getting second-hand equipments is another option to consider, but you need to make sure the equipment you are purchasing is in good working condition and not out of warranty.

Another point to keep in mind is that, a home gym tends to evolve over time. So it is not a bad idea to start small with the basics and build up your gym over time with all the required upgrades.


Quality Is Better Than Quantity….

This point goes hand-in-hand with your available budget. Let’s be honest, an expensive equipment is usually priced that way for a reason. High-quality equipments that are durable and reliable don’t come cheaply. You don’t want to waste money on overpriced products, but at the same time, you want to get real value for money. Going for cheaper options without considering quality can be very costly in the long run.

The quality of home gym equipments is getting better on a daily basis and their design is more space-efficient than ever before. So while it is important to keep your gym costing right, you do also need to keep an eye on the quality of the gym equipments you are purchasing.

Available Space And Location….

Space is a vital component of any gym, whether commercial or home. Your home gym should ideally be as spacious as possible to accommodate adequate exercise equipments and facilitate various workout positions. Most machines need at least 2 meters squared of space and you also need to allow extra room for circulation space.

Your chosen home gym location should be appropriate as it significantly has a bearing on your workout habits. The gym location should allow good ventilation, and the layout should safely allow addition of more equipment and future expansion.

The Home Gym Atmosphere….

Your home gym’s atmosphere plays a vital role in your workout habit. It is important you create an atmosphere that keeps you motivated, relaxed and comfortable. The ideal atmosphere is one that has the right paraphernalia to boost your workout experience. Your atmosphere should have a positive effect on your subconscious mind and ‘psyche’ you up for hard work.

The importance of colours cannot be taken for granted when designing your home gym. Colours can have a huge impact on our mood. Light colours can help to create a calming environment whilst bright colours can increase the room’s motivation, and in turn boost your level of motivation.

The ideal atmosphere and environment not only boosts your energy, but also impacts your focus throughout your workout sessions. The impact of gym atmosphere on how hard you work cannot be under-estimated.

Incorporating technology, such as wall-mounted TVs and sound effects, in your home gym layout has become increasingly popular and is been found to be very effective in mood setting. You can also invest in a gym equipment with an integrated TV screen. Music is a great way to keep yourself motivated during a workout, so good acoustics are important.



Your ideal home gym should have natural lighting filtering through glass doors and windows. Exposure to sunlight provides the body with vitamin D, a vital nutrient that prevents bone loss, reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain and various cancers. Also, for a home gym with limited space, natural lighting and mirrored walls makes the space look larger than it actually is. With mirrored gym walls, sunlight from windows can be reflected to cast more brightness in the gym.

Besides natural light, the type of artificial lighting you choose for the home gym should be comfortable enough to be prevent light shining in your eyes if you are doing any form of mat work.


Health And Safety….

The safety of any gym layout is of utmost importance. Extra attention is to be given to the creation of a safe gym environment as some gym accidents could be fatal. Gym users very often wrongly blame faulty equipments for accidents, but this is mostly not the case. A poorly laid out gym could easily facilitate the occurrence of accidents. Electric equipments have to be conveniently positioned close to power outlets to avoid wires running across the gym floor. Poorly laid power cables can cause trip hazards in the gym floor.

Gym accidents and injuries can easily be prevented with basic gym etiquette rules. These gym etiquette rules include:

  • Storing or putting away gym equipments after use to avoid tripping over them.
  • Keeping gym equipments where there are meant to be kept.
  • Being mindful of gym surroundings. For example, a poorly laid out gym can have machines with their plate-loaded arms swinging out into a thoroughfare.
  • Concentrate on your workout and avoid distractions. Distractions should be completely avoided especially when working out with heavy weights.
  • Checking gym equipments for faults should be as frequent as possible.
  • Ensure you know how to safely use any new equipment before using it. Always refer to user guides and abide by stated safety rules.

Required Gym Equipments And Who Will Be Using Them….

The equipments you stock should revolve around your ultimate training goals.The gym equipment you pick up should effectively serve your fitness needs. The size of your chosen equipments affect your home gym layout. Your chosen gym equipment should be adjustable and easy to learn, and your body should move in a correct and safe manner during its use.

In deciding your home game layout, you need to give good consideration to who else in your household will be using the gym. The gym equipments should be adjustable to different body weights, shapes, sizes and fitness ability. Consideration should also be given to ensuring the gym space is safe enough for all other users of the gym, especially if you have younger ones around the gym.

Choice Of Gym Flooring….

Your chosen gym flooring should not only be good enough to cushion you in the event of a fall during a workout, but also be stiff enough to safely sustain weights. You also need to be aware of the fact that continuous wear and tear from heavy machinery and workouts impacts durability.

Ensure you invest in quality flooring that is safe and can withstand the test of time. Non-slip surfaces like rubber are always highly recommended.


Gym Hygiene….

The cleanliness of your home gym should always be high on your list of priorities. Unlike the commercial gyms, you get to exercise a great deal of control when it comes to the cleanliness of your gym. Key features such as an air filtration system and ease of accessibility to a shower should seriously be considered.

An air filtration system basically removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality.


In order to successfully build a gym from your home gym layout, you need to be honest with yourself about your fitness goal, what you intend to use the home gym for, and the type of equipments you need. When it comes to the floor plan, you need to be practical about your available space and what will fit in comfortably.

Your training experience will be negatively affected if everything is too close together. It is vital you leave enough space for activities such as stretching, yoga and or Pilates.

You can decide to make your gym space as personal to you as possible with wall-hung photographs of yourself, family, favourite and motivational wall posters.

The decor of your home gym should be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. The more comfortable and tranquil your home gym, the more likely you are to spend more time in there exercising.

As mentioned earlier, never compromise on safety when it comes building a home gym. The gym should be safe for not only yourself, but also for other members of your household and guest users.

Are there any other considerations I missed? Feel free to leave suggestions, questions and comments below!


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  1. What a great article! It’s like feng shui for getting your sweat on! I honestly only thought there were two things to consider, so yeah, I’m glad I read this.
    Out to go get some better lighting, thinking floor lamp, since there is only a small light in the corner near the entrance of the room. Weird, right? haha

    • The location of your home gym might appear weird to some but what matters is how effective the gym is. Well done for looking into building your own home gym.I am glad you liked the article, and hope you’ll share it with friends and family. Thanks for the comment, Amber. Take care and see you here again soon!

  2. Wow! i didnt know that one needs so much to have a home gym. Some things are really easier said than done. A close friend of mine is renovating her house and wants to make one of the avialable rooms a gym. I will refer her here for the great information before she starts on the room. Really useful article.

    • Thanks for the comment, Janet. Building a home gym can be easy and straightforward as long as you have the right plan and layout. Thanks for the referral too. It is nice to know you found my post useful. Take care!

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